Embracing Differences, Inspiring Artistic Talents

About Vousart

We are a company that empowers individuals with special needs to showcase their creativity and create functional and beautiful homedecore and accessories.

Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals with special needs to express their artistic talents and gain financial independence. We work closely with our artists to turn their artwork into high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that can be displayed and cherished in any home or office.

Submit Your Artwork: Individuals with special needs can submit their artwork through our website or by mail. We accept various forms of art, including drawings, paintings, and digital designs.

We Turn Your Artwork into Beautiful Home Decor and Accessories: Our team of skilled artisans carefully transforms your artwork into high-quality, functional homedecore and accessories, such as throw pillows, mugs, wall art, and more

Earn Income and Empower Others: Once your artwork is transformed into a product, you can earn income by selling your art online or in person. You also help to empower other individuals with special needs by supporting our mission and creating a more inclusive community.

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